3 Types of Mud Baths for Dogs


Mud baths are a great way to spoil your dog while also helping them treat their skin. When mud is massaged onto their skin, tiny granules of dirt removes the dead and dry skin, while leaving soft skin behind. Even though the different types of mud baths have the same application process, each has a different benefit and purpose.

Flea Relief Mud

  • A mud bath that helps detox and strengthen the skin and coat while fortifying fleas
  • Contains Diatomaceous Earth, which gives this mud a gritty feel that makes for a luxurious bath
  • Other ingredients include apple cider vinegar, andiroba seed oil, and tee tree oil

Mobility Mud

  • A cool type of mud bath that refreshes dog’s skin while energizing them
  • Helps stimulate flow and release blocked energy
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Perfect bath for dogs with arthritis
  • Main ingredients include peppermint and menthol

Soothing Mud

  • A Zen type of mud bath that’s great for dogs with sensitive, irritated or blemished skin
  • Leaves your dog’s coat soft and healthy
  • Contains antioxidants with strong astringent properties including oatmeal, witch hazel, green tea, lavender, and German chamomile
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