4 Ways To Keep Your Dog From Overheating


With the weather starting to get warmer, it is a good reminder for dog owners everywhere to remember how to prevent their dogs from overheating. It’s something that doesn’t get much attention, but overheating is very dangerous, as it can quickly lead to illness and even death.

Like all animals, dogs have an optimum body temperature that they have to maintain in order to ensure their vital organs function normally. If their body temperature exceeds a certain level, then they are at risk of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms that could result in death. Fortunately there are some fairly simple tips that can help prevent your dog from overheating so they live long and healthy lives!

Keep your dog HYDRATED

One of the best ways to prevent overheating in the first place is by making sure your dog has cold water available. Dogs actually sweat through their paw pads and by panting to circulate air throughout their bodies to help them cool down. Excessive panting can lead to dehydration and staying hydrated is very important in combating heat stroke. Many dogs do enjoy a frozen plastic water bottle as they love laying their heads on the cold bottle, letting their blood circulates close to the head and neck, which helps them cool down faster.

Give them some SHADE

Shade is incredibly important for keeping dogs cool in the summer. When planning outdoor activities pay attention to heat and humidity, and either ensure there is plenty of shade where you’re heading. Dogs tend to get carried away when they are having fun, so make sure they are taking breaks from playing to cool down with water in the shade.

Avoid hot surfaces

Since dogs cool down by panting and by sweating through their paw pads, it is very important to avoid sidewalks and pavement when the sun is blazing as those two surfaces retain lots of hot heat. Very hot ground can even easily burn your dog’s unprotected paw pads. Be careful at the beach as sand can also get incredibly hot as well. If your dog absolutely has to be on a hot surface, putting booties on their paws can be helpful. Cooling pads also works great and very convenient as some pads don’t require water, electricity, or refrigeration!

Cool down with water!

Just like making sure your dog is well hydrated and drinking water frequently, pouring cool water on your dog can help reduce their temperature. Outdoor activities near lakes, rivers and the ocean are great ideas, but also make sure they have a life jacket on! If you have a back yard, a kiddie pool or turning on the sprinklers can be great for dogs to splash around and cool down in. A cooling pad also work wonders as lots of dogs like to cool down by laying on their stomach with their legs stretched out.

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