5 Reasons To Wear A Life Jacket


When the weather is nice, what better way to enjoy it than to spend some time in the great outdoors with your furry pal?

A fantastic way to cool down when the sun is shining is hanging out at the beach, lake, or pool. It’s also a chance for you and your best pal to enjoy some quality playtime and exercise together!

Unfortunately, not every dog can swim. Some breeds just aren’t suited for swimming and ones with health issues, older dogs, and puppies are at an even greater risk while in the water. Swimming can also pose a danger to dogs if the body of water has strong currents. Life jackets can save lives, not just for humans but for dogs too! Here are some reasons why your dog should wear a life jacket when out at the waters:

Swimming Ability

Breeds with large chests and small hindquarters have a really hard time staying above the water while smaller breeds are great in the water but lack the stamina to stay up for long.

There are a few dog breeds bred that are naturals in the water as they have water resistant coats, webbed feet, and a tail that works like a rudder. But even though these breeds are comfortable in the water and considered strong swimmers, they can still run into trouble in some circumstances, especially if they become tired.


Dogs can be klutzes and falling off or jumping off a boat actually happens all the time. If they are out in the ocean and aren’t rescued, they could have a long swim back to shore, which takes a ton of energy. A properly designed life jacket keeps the dog’s head above water, even if they are unconscious, while also keeping them afloat when they become tired.


If your dog fell in the water, it’s very easy to lose sight of them! One big wave or a strong current, and your best pal can drift off a couple feet away in a blink of an eye. There’s are reasons why life jackets are brightly colored and it’s so you can easily locate your dog through all the seaweed, waves, debris and even in the dark!


Life jackets typically have a convenient handle that makes it easier for you to haul your dog back to safety if they fell in the water. It also allows you to hold on to them if the boat is moving fast.

Peace of Mind

Having your dog wear a life jacket will give you the peace of mind so you can enjoy the day out nears the waters, which is the whole point of going out in the first place! It only takes seconds for something bad to happen, but leave your worries behind by knowing your dog will always be safe if they have that life jacket on!

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