How to Create a Special Bond With Your Dog


Not all dogs possess the same temperament and despite your immense love for them, a new bond between you and your new dog might take some time to develop. If you ever come across this, then you will have to adopt some unique ways and put an extra effort for this dog love you.

Feeding Time

There is a saying which states that “a family that eats together stays together.” When someone gets a dog, they become part of the family too. When you sit and feed your dog, you can see a gradual growth in the bonding. There also arise situations where your dog wouldn’t eat if you are not around them. This shows how much your dog loves and cares for you. If you make it a point to feed your dog and make efforts to check if they have eaten properly or not, there can be no better way to convey to your dog that they hold a special place in your life. If there comes a point where the pup is eating way too fast, look into a Slow Feeder Bowl. These bowls not only help them eat 10x slower but it also improves their digestion!


There are a lot of dogs that can communicate and bond better with your friends and family if they are trained the right way. When you are training your dog, you would be able to notice that you are also getting molded as a person. You would understand all the efforts that goes to the development of a living being. Moreover, the training you give your dog in the initial stages of their life serves as setting up the foundation between you and them. When you train your dog the right way in the initial stages, then you can visibly see the kind of improvement your dog develop on themselves. Apart from making them feel self-sufficient, you are also making sure your pup is accepted everywhere in the society. They feel better when they come to know that people enjoy their presence. This kind of emotion can be imparted to a dog only by its owner. A lot of useful information and tips on training can be found in this best seller guide by Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution. This book will help you communicate and bond with one another in a way that makes training easier, more rewarding, and fun!

Take Them On An Adventure or On a Walk

To build a relationship that would last for a long time, it is important to possess certain values and develop a strong bond. Dogs can prove to be great companions. When you go on an adventure with them, like going on a hike, they start to understand and appreciate this special bond. The dogs tend to feel the importance you have chosen to provide to their life. One might wonder as to how a relationship with a dog sounds more or less like human relationships. It is a proven fact that dogs can understand humans better than the humans themselves. When you start treating your dog like your friend, it starts showering unconditional love on you.

If your dog is not exposed to the outside environment, it is possible they become less friendly and social. They say it is all in the mind but even your dog need some fresh air once in a while. If you are living in an area that has a lot of free spaces with parks and nature, take your dog out on a walk or interact with other dogs. Read more on our top 4 Reasons Why Dog Parks So Important!

Share Your Personal Space

It is a known fact that if a person would like to bond and gel with their dogs then it is imperative that they let them invade their personal space. Similar to human beings, your dog also loves attention and affection. They definitely understands affection when their owner show it to them and the best way to do so is to let them be a part of your personal space. Lots of hugs, and sharing the couch or bed are great examples!

Love What You Have

There is a very famous saying that goes, “the thing which disappoints you the most is the picture you have in mind and the reality.” This is generally not the case with those who adopt. The ones who adopt are those who provide the dog with better living conditions. This could be different to those who buy dogs for a price hoping to satisfy the picture they have in mind, but possibly face huge disappointed when things don’t proceed in the way they want it to. But at the end of the day, one should never forget that dogs are also a living being. When you are not showing that acceptance to them, they start to feel lost in the new surroundings. Then it becomes very hard to create a bond. So, it is imperative to love what you have.

Spend Adequate Time

Similar to the fact that it takes time and effort to make a relationship successful, it is not so different when it comes to your dog as well. The more time you spend with your dog, the more the bonding grows. When you are able to develop the sort of understanding which requires no words, then the relationship between you and your dog becomes inseparable. When it comes to adopted dogs, spending adequate time with them is necessary and very important. They tend to need more attention and care due to their past experiences where their previous owners might have abandon them.

Consult a Veterinarian

If you are noticing some uncontrollable behavior in your dog, then it is better to consult a veterinarian. There are a lot of problems which we might not understand or unaware of. It is important to find the right vet and one that you and your pup are comfortable with. Like humans, even dogs have a lot of mental issues which needs to be address immediately. When these mental issues are not taken care of, then the physical health of your dog takes a big toll. Vets may suggest ways in engaging better with your dog. When the engagement is better, then the bonding also grows!

These suggest that one should never lose hope. Patience and endurance is the key. These are some of the methods by which you can create an everlasting and enduring relationship with your best friend.


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