Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe This 4th Of July


It’s that time of year again! Time for BBQs, apple pie, and fireworks to celebrate our Independence Day. For many dog owners, this is also the worst time of the year, as fireworks tend to not be dog friendly. Unlike people, dogs don’t associate the noise and flashes of fireworks with celebrations. They end up getting terrified and often panic at the loud whizzes and bangs that fireworks produce.

It was been reported that July 5 is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters because the noise of firecrackers causes dogs to flee into the night, ending up lost, injured or killed. Check out these tips below to see how you can set your dog at ease from the fireworks.

Keep Your Dog Indoor

Even if your dog is used to being outside, the panic caused by fireworks may make them break their restraint or jump a fence in a terrified attempt to find safety. The safest place for your dog is at home, not in a crowded, unfamiliar and noisy place. The combination of too many people and loud fireworks will make your furry friend freak out and desperately seek shelter.

Play Some White Noise

Playing some white noise in the background such as soothing music, the TV, even fans can lead to a calmer dog. Start playing the white noise before the fireworks begin, so that the fireworks blend into the music. Keep the audio at a low to medium level while increasing the volume during the loud firework noises.

Try an Anxiety Jacket

Anxiety Jackets are designed to apply gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant, to help calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues. If you don’t have time to run to the pet store, try swaddling your pup with a scarf or blanket for an easy anxiety wrap hack.

Establish A Safe Place

Before the fireworks begin, keep your dog in a safe room where they can feel safe and comfortable. If they are crate trained, put them in the crate covered with a blanket to make they feel secure.

Proper ID

If your dog manages to run off and become lost, it will be that much harder to get them back without proper ID. Make sure your dog tags are up to date with your phone number, and if you want to be extra safe, microchip identification is also a great idea. Having a recent picture of your dog also helps, in case you have to put up signs.

**Make sure to Spoil The Doggy once the 4th is over, they deserve it!**

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